Four Steps to a Successful 2022 Budgeting and Planning Season

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Does your budgeting process involve passing budget templates back and forth over email, oftentimes resulting in errors, broken formulas, and version control issues? If this seems like a messy, cumbersome process, it’s because it is!

According to a recent FSN Survey, 84 percent of respondents recognized having access to the right data as the most fundamental area to improve agility. The budgeting season will be upon you before you know it, so now is the time to ensure you have the right processes and technology in place to generate effective plans that drive your organization to a successful 2022.

Join our upcoming webinar, “Four Steps to a Successful 2022 Budgeting and Planning Season,” and discover the benefits of The Connect Effect by adopting an integrated, flexible, and accurate planning process. Learn how to:

  • Turn your existing spreadsheet models into a robust, scalable, and agile planning solution.
  • Incorporate input and commentary from stakeholders across the organization to create more accurate plans.
  • Update forecasts on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and model multiple scenarios to prepare for several potential future outcomes.
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