Webinar: Fast, Flexible Accounting and Business Reporting with Jet Reports

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Fast, flexible accounting and business reporting. Are your Microsoft Dynamics reports time-consuming, expensive, and unreliable?

Jet Reports lets you easily and quickly get reliable reporting in Excel with data pulled directly from your Microsoft Dynamics solution.

Join this webinar to learn more about how Jet Reports can:

  • Save you valuable time and resources by automated reporting – no more manual typing and copy-paste
  • Give you quick access to essential numbers, you just need to know Excel
  • Provide you with structured and transparent reports so you can make informed decisions
  • What comes with Jet Reports?
  • How can Jet Reports contribute to Power BI as a datasource?
  • Make sharing reports easy and secure with colleagues through Jet Hub, while automatically archiving all versions and easily finding out in the original layout
  • How easy is it to start with Jet Reports?

Fast, flexible accounting and business reporting built into Excel with Jet Reports.

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