Empower Your People with Financial Insights from Oracle EBS

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It is critical for your team to have better awareness and a stronger understanding of all activities that impact the bottom line. Lacking the ability to identify and examine the underlying root causes behind the issues in financial reports (e.g., unpredictable revenue or unstable supplier relationships), your finance team may need to be able to research and autonomously resolve the issues at hand.

Creating the actionable insights your business needs is often a complex process that falls upon IT. Custom reports or dashboards are requested by business leaders, and eventually delivered by teams of data analysts from the IT team or a partner. This process can often take weeks, if not months, and in many cases, the report or dashboard is limited to a single use case and applicable only to a single business unit or user – perhaps only the requester.

Join this webinar to discover how using Wands for Oracle in conjunction with Angles for Oracle can enhance your organization’s financial and operational reporting needs by:

  • Providing easy, self-service reporting for Oracle EBS in Excel or in the BI tool of your choice.
  • Accelerating daily reporting activities with easy access to EBS data in Excel.
  • Empowering your financial teams to access deep enterprise application, business, and functional insights.
  • Viewing, identifying, and analyzing processes across the entire value chain.

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