ECC to S/4HANA: Ensuring Business Continuity and Financial Agility

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09 2021 Webinar Fromecctos4hana Website Resource

The system application and product in processing (SAP) world is in transition. Given the S/4HANA directive and the announced end-of-life of ECC6, serious questions need to be answered– – How long should businesses stay with ECC6? When should you upgrade? Should you switch to another enterprise resource planning (ERP) software provider? Whatever the decision, implementing a new ERP can take years and require substantial IT resources.

For finance teams, this often means further frustration and prolonged delays in their processes, with too much time spent manually reconciling data rather than devoting that time to higher-value tasks such as analyzing results. So, the real question is: during this transition time, how can you ensure business continuity while maintaining the financial agility you need to drive business success?

Join us to hear how the finance team at Epredia, a global precision cancer diagnostics company that improves patient outcomes through innovative technologies, overcame such challenges during their S/4HANA implementation. In this session, you’ll also learn how automated, comprehensive reporting put Epredia’s Finance Team in control of their SAP data and allowed them to refocus their efforts toward balancing growth & profitability while delivering powerful insights for the business.

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