Connecting the Dots With Real-Time Budgeting and Planning

06 2021 Webinar Bizviewwands Resource

Imagine having the ability to compare your actuals vs budget data side-by-side to make more informed business decisions, plan with precision, and test new scenarios quicker than ever before.

Now you don’t have to – real-time budgeting, planning and continuous forecasting is here.

In this free webinar, Elizabeth Davis, Divisional Vice President of Sales, and David Rincon, Senior Solutions Engineer, will show you how to simplify and shorten your budgeting process by eliminating static excel spreadsheets and creating a single source of truth.

We’ll dive into how you can:

  • Save time by taking control of budget entry and approvals using powerful workflows and automated, coordinated email notifications.
  • Adjust and adapt your plans and forecasts throughout the year, using rolling forecasts to drive agility and accuracy across the organization.
  • Combine actuals from Oracle, with budgets and forecasts stored in one place, and analyse variances, so you can make the right decisions, fast, across your organization.
  • Connect the dots between your operational and financial plans from every level of your organization, while keeping finance firmly in control.

It’s all part of The Connect Effect with insightsoftware.

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