Connected SAP B1 Reporting to Save Time and Improve Accuracy

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Many finance professionals feel limited by the native reporting tool in SAP B1 because it doesn’t provide the customization and automation needed to execute their tasks quickly and efficiently. From the time-consuming data dumps, outdated static spreadsheets, or waiting on IT to build reports – they ultimately find themselves left with error-prone reports and no time for analysis.

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to connect your processes to your data, and reclaim your time. In this webinar, “Connected SAP B1 Reporting to Save Time and Improve Accuracy,” you’ll learn how to:

  • Build customizable reports and dashboards. Automate your reporting process to quickly build comprehensive reports and sophisticated dashboards without relying on IT or being proficient in SQL.
  • Improve visibility into analyzing your data. Connect the dots across your organization with live data and drill-down functionality.
  • Consolidate and connect your data. Get the full-picture view by connecting all your data sources in one place.

Learn how the insightsoftware Connect Effect can transform your SAP B1 reporting so you can begin saving time and improving accuracy.

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