Budgeting for Better Outcomes: How to Take Control of the Fiscal Planning Process in Microsoft Dynamics

Resource Budgeting For Better Business Outcomes

Whether the fiscal planning process is an exciting time for you, or the idea of your next budgeting exercise makes you feel anxious, this whitepaper will introduce you to some of the most common budgeting challenges and, most importantly, how to overcome them with budgeting technology designed for Microsoft Dynamics.

In this whitepaper, you will get access to:

  • The current state of the budgeting process for most small-to-medium-sized businesses
  • An evaluation of the pros and cons of Excel-based budgeting
  • Six common frustrations faced by budget owners today
  • An overview of budgeting technology for Microsoft Dynamics ERP customers
  • The solution to affordable, controlled budgeting in Microsoft Dynamics ERP
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