Break Through the 1,000-Line Barrier: How to Post Large SAP FICO Data Files

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For SAP finance teams, posting large amounts of data like payroll or purchase transactions can be a significant challenge. The difficult part is getting the data from the external source into a format that can be easily uploaded to SAP, including working within SAP’s 1000-line limitation. This either means hours of manual work to reformat the data or developing an internal IT solution. These large external file uploads can be managed much easier with an Excel-based SAP finance automation solution, providing you the flexibility to create templates that match the file format of these 3rd party providers – all without IT

In this webcast you will learn:

  • How to easily post large amounts of external data into SAP
  • The benefits of reducing manual data entry and offering finance teams a self-service tool
  • The pros and cons of buying automation software vs. building an in-house tool
  • How to increase your data integrity levels with validation for large amounts of data

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