Best Practices for IPO Stock Plan Readiness

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Ensuring proper administrative and regulatory compliance for stock plan management remains an integral part of IPO preparation. To avoid bureaucratic bottlenecks and red tape, private organizations must leverage automated and auditable technology to connect and access data from payroll, HRIS, brokers, transfer agents, and accounting systems.

Join our upcoming webinar as insightosftware’s Dan Mullen and Jennifer Baehr explore best practices for IPO preparation, and how Certent Equity Management can help your organization navigate this exciting milestone. Our session will cover:

  • Streamlining your Processes. Choose the right technology and service model for your company’s stock plan.
  • Stakeholder Communication. Define an external/internal communication plan for executives, employees, investors, and auditors.
  • Reporting for Public Companies. Ensure your ASC 718 compliance for accounting, tax, and reporting is covered.
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plans. Develop and implement the best ESPP for your company.

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