Become a Report Writing Whiz with the Table Builder

Jet Resource Become A Report Writing Whiz

Crowned as the most popular of all the Jet wizards, the Table Builder takes the heavy lifting out of creating reports from scratch and allows you to be a report writing master in record time. Attend this webinar to get a comprehensive overview of what the Table Builder is, how to use it to build new reports from multiple Microsoft Dynamics tables, how to maximize all of its robust features, and how to combine it with the magic of PivotTables for impressive layouts. If you haven’t experienced the full power of the Table Builder, come join us for a quick session where we will explore how fun and helpful it can be!

We will cover:

  • What is the Table Builder and when would you use it?
  • Using the wizard to start reports from scratch
  • Combining information from multiple tables in Dynamics
  • Using PivotTables with the Table Builder
  • How PivotTable Slicers will change your filtering life forever
  • Using templates to create reports even faster

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