Automate Tax: Close Your Data, Process, and Technology Gap

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12 2021 Webinar Automatetax Website Webinar

Demands on the tax department have steadily increased over the past decade. The recent agreement on global tax reform and the future adoption of Pillar 1 and 2, coupled with a global minimum tax rate creates even more complexity for tax professionals. But while the adoption of BEPS 2.0 will likely take years to implement, corporations should be taking steps today to ensure they are in a better position to deal with change when it arrives.

In order to survive in this new era in global corporate taxation, tax professionals need to embrace automation and break free of the manual, low-value activities that have encumbered them for years.

In this webinar, Ventana Research and insightsoftware will review critical steps organizations need to take in developing a plan to digitize their Tax departments and increase their strategic value to the business. Join us and see how tax departments can improve controls, increase flexibility, reduce risk, and enable more timely, accurate, and insightful management of tax data.

We will cover:

  • The Current State of Play for Tax: Why there’s an urgent need to digitize.
  • Process Analysis and Documentation: Where control and risk exposure exist.
  • System Capabilities: Addressing controls and risk.
  • Outputs: Types of outputs that demonstrate the strength of your process and tax automation.
  • Continual Improvement: How to streamline, simplify, and strengthen process and system capabilities.

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