Atlas Tips & Tricks | How to Return the Control of Excel to Your Users

04 2021 Atlas Webinar How To Return The Control Of Excel To Your Users Rsc (2)

In this Technical Best Practices webinar, Atlas expert and Manager of Professional Services, Rocco Giumelli, will walk through how best to maximize productivity in Atlas. During this webinar, we’ll cover some of the following topics so that you can speed up processes and return control of Excel back to your users:

  • What multi-threading means and how it helps Atlas performance
  • Why you should use a file-based cache
  • When to use incremental cache and how this affects the Modified Date stamp
  • How formulas refreshing from file cache are affected by including Unique Field

This webinar will be most useful for those who hold a Designer licence, or anyone interested in how they can speed up performance of Atlas.

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