Analytics for Atlas: Turning Data into Insights

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Many of our Atlas customers have the following on their mind: migrating from Microsoft AX to D365, enabling Power BI projects, and reporting across multiple data sources. While each of these topics present their own challenges, what if we told you insightsoftware has a solution that, when coupled with Atlas, can break down barriers of the above. Enter, Jet Analytics.

Jet Analytics is a data automation platform that enables Atlas customers to accelerate and de-risk their BI projects without requiring specialist skills, provides a data warehouse to hold your historical data when you migrate from Microsoft AX to D365, and brings all of your data together in one place to quickly and easily perform sophisticated business analysis.

Join us on November 4 where Senior Solutions Engineer, Jason Carter, demonstrates how coupling Jet Analytics with Atlas can provide:

  • Faster Delivery: Accelerate your BI and analytics projects, delivering them significantly faster than hand-coded solutions..
  • Better Data: Create a solid single source of truth for consistent and accurate decision making.
  • Simplicity: Eliminate your dependency on scarce technical resources with a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Governed Measures: Allow for consistent results across BI and Reporting.
  • Better Date and Time Management: Instant access to Period, Quarter, Year or MTD, QTD, YTD, LY data.
  • Reliability: Ensure fast and consistent business analytics. Maintain a real-time copy of your transactional data in a centralized data store, and build OLAP cubes and tabular models on top of this for fast, easy reporting through Excel or visualization tools like Power BI.
  • Adaptability: Point and click data warehouse automation makes it fast and easy to add new data sources, calculate new metrics or KPIs, and extend or create new cubes, allowing you to keep up with changing business requirements.
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