Reclaim 40 hours a Week with Jet Reports

Take your workweek back by upgrading from Jet Basics (formerly Jet Express) to Jet Reports (formerly Jet Professional)! With background reporting, automated scheduling, limitless report formats and the full Jet Hub (formerly Jet Web Portal), you’ll start saving time and resources from day one.

Upgrade in 10 minutes to Generate Twice the Results using Half the Effort

Spend more time analyzing your data than compiling your reports with time-saving features that allow you to automate quickly, replicate formatting, and share reports. Jet Reports is a simple upgrade that can bring your reporting efficiency to the next level.

Create Flexible and Powerful Reports Without Limits

Get all the operational reports you need in any format, from multiple databases, not limited by row or column design

Automate Reports and Make Your Data Available, Anywhere

View, refresh, schedule, and publish reports on the go from any mobile device with a web browser

Define Who Can See and Access Specific Reports

Control how you collaborate, share, and manage reports with users and groups in the Jet Hub

Update and Refresh Reports in the Background

Run, refresh, and save real-time reports while still using Excel for other tasks with our proprietary background reporting

Why Upgrade from Jet Basics to Jet Reports?

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Jet Basics

Jet Reports

GL Financial Reporting
Company Consolidations
Query on any NAV Data
Excel Integration/Formatting
Multi Data Source Consolidation
Advanced Reporting on any NAV Data
Schedule and Automate
Mobile and Web Reports
Report Management/Version Control
Auto Row/Column/Sheet Generator
Flexible Report Design Formats
Background Reporting
Assigned “User Type” Security

Customers Love It!

“Jet Reports 2018 is badass! The headlining feature lets you run reports in the background. Previously, while Jet was running you couldn’t use Excel. Big reports that take a few minutes to run could really eat into productivity since you couldn’t use Excel for that whole time. In fact, I even had a virtual machine setup where I would run lengthy reports, so I could still use Excel on my primary machine. All gone now! Huge time saver!”

Drew Stroud, MBA, CPA
Operations Controller
Michael David Winery

Feel like you’ve added a full-time employee to your team! Upgrade to Jet Reports today.

Get Your Reports to the Right People in 20 Seconds with Scheduling

Automate and schedule your reports to run and distribute anytime to any department or person. You only have to set it up once!

Turn 1 Report into 50 with Advanced Filtering and Automated Formatting

Get all the operational reports you need with more powerful and flexible report design in any format.

We built the Jet Hub because we meant it when we said reporting – anywhere!

Easily run shared reports from anywhere, with instant access to your data and reports on the web or from a mobile device.

Jet Web Portal

Spend Less Time Consolidating Data with Multi-Database Access

Connect to and report from multiple data sources (including CRM or old versions of Dynamics) from one place, even in a single report.

Multi Database Access

Generate Twice the Results with Half the Effort

Upgrade to Jet Reports now and start seeing the savings immediately!

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