Look Beyond Oracle E-Business Suite for Subledger Reporting

Oracle EBS R11i with the accounting engine and EBS R12 with native subledger accounting help you manage all your transactions, but aren’t so hot when it comes to reporting.

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What sets insightsoftware reporting apart from native Oracle subledger reporting tools?

  • EBS data are complex, and the Financial Statement Generator and OBIEE keep reporting out of the hands of finance:
    Gain self-service reporting that leverages your existing Excel knowledge to build and modify reports without IT assistance.
  • Easy and intuitive time-saving drilldowns:
    Unlike R12’s cumbersome drilldowns by transaction, insightsoftware provides flexible drilldowns that help you quickly drill down or across to the view you need, including transactions by account. Unlike within EBS, you can easily view invoice numbers and supplier names.
  • Use pre-built report templates to create refreshable intuitive AP and AR dashboards in Excel: A library of pre-built reports give you immediate access to strategically important information like your top ten suppliers, aging, current aggregate of Receivables balances by aging bucket, invoice holds, unvalidated invoices, when accounting was last run, and more.
  • Reconcile your AP trial balance to your GL with a single report: What takes four reports in EBS R12 can now be done with a single report with insightsoftware. There’s no need to export to Microsoft Word documents and use a calculator. You can run the report directly in Excel, then use Excel calculations to check the difference between AP and the GL. Easily change periods and refresh each month without having to recreate the report.

“Based on the R12 demo, our business representatives thought standard Projects reports or OBIEE would provide what they needed, but they didn’t realize that what they saw required expensive customization by consultants.”
– Donna Christie,

Finance Applications and Reporting Specialist,

7 out of 10 customers said that their insightsoftware solution was up and running quickly enough to provide measurable benefits by the next reporting cycle.

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