Make Report Writing Easier on Yourself with Automation, Flexible Formatting, and Access to More Data

Save yourself a ton of valuable time and energy with flexible formatting, automated scheduling, online report collaboration and version management with Jet Hub, and access to all of your data in and outside of Microsoft Dynamics. Say goodbye to Jet Basics and hello to a more productive you with Jet Reports!

Jet Reports Customers Are Happy to Have Made the Upgrade! 

“Everyone thought I was getting up at 3AM to run reports, but really, I just schedule all my reports to go to the right people off-hours. It’s easy and conveniently gets sent directly to the end users email inbox.”

Joe Stoops
Milne Fruits

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Take the Guesswork Out of Report Formatting with the Report Wizard

The Report Wizard in Jet Reports is an intuitive report writing tool that allows you to create simple, well-formatted transactional detail level reports. Easily apply filters, grouping, sorting, and subtotaling quickly without complicated Excel logic, mistakes, or delays.

Automate Time-Consuming, Tedious Tasks with the Jet Scheduler

Make more time in your day cutting down on the manual report creation and management in Jet Basics. With the Jet Scheduler, you can automate running and sharing real-time reports throughout your organization with specific filter sets for each recipient – turning one report into 20!

Manage, Organize, Share, and Run Your Reports from Anywhere with Jet Hub

Get full visibility on your data from any device and stop wasting hours hunting down the latest version of a report. Jet Hub is a secure web portal included with Jet Reports that gives you access to run the reports you need, when and where you need it. With built-in collaboration, version management control, and mobile publishing, it is proven to enhance productivity across your organization.

The Jet Hub

Quickly Build Advanced, Multi-Dimensional Reports with the Drag-and-Drop Jet Browser

Using the Jet Browser, you can design reports exactly the way you want from any Dynamics data or other sources, without table format or Pivot Table layout restrictions. Start creating advanced, multi-dimensional reports in Excel today.

Upgrade to Jet Reports now to experience the time saving, error eliminating joys of automation, report flexibility, and complete data visibility!

Why Upgrade from Jet Basics to Jet Reports?

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Jet Basics

(Previously Jet Express)

Jet Reports

(Previously Jet Professional)

GL Financial Reporting
Excel Integration/Formatting
Report Portability when Upgrading to Dynamics 365From NAV to D365BC
Multi-Company Consolidations
Multi-Data Source Consolidation
Query on any Microsoft Dynamics Data
Schedule and Automate
Mobile and Web Reports
Report Management/Version Control
Auto Row/Column/Sheet Generator
Flexible Report Design Formats
Background Reporting
Assigned “User Type” Security

Deliver Twice the Results with Half the Effort!

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