Automate Running, Sharing, and Distributing Reports at the Click of a Button

Stop wasting time manually opening and refreshing every single report – and then waiting around to send it. Take advantage of the time-saving and performance-improving Jet Scheduler!

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say About Jet Scheduler:  

“Everyone thought I was getting up at 3AM to run reports, but really, I just schedule all my reports to go to the right people off-hours. It’s easy and conveniently gets sent directly to the end users email inbox.”

Joe Stoops
Milne Fruits

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Run and Refresh Any Report at Specified Time Intervals 

Schedule your Jet Reports to run on a monthly, weekly or daily basis automatically without any additional interaction required – it’s that easy.  

Run Refresh

Distribute Real-Time Reports Through Email or Publishing to SharePoint

Imagine checking the network folder on Monday morning and finding an accurate, fully up-to-date report staring back at you. Oh, and you can access them from anywhere.

Email Reports

Use Batch Scheduling to Customize Reports for Specific Staff

Jet Scheduler allows you to take a generic report, like a list of overdue vendors, customize it to each salesperson and send it to them routinely at the end of each day.

Batch Process

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