Easily Create Consistent, Well-Formatted Reports Quickly with Report Wizard

Think of Report Wizard in Jet Reports as a helping hand to generate super organized transactional reports in a few clicks. Using this tool, you can quickly design and create highly functional single-table reports with advanced groupings, sorting, summary layouts, and drill-down capabilities.

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“By making our staff self-sufficient with Jet Reports, we’ve been able to free up a lot of our own time to focus on other critical development areas of the business. I can make a report in SSRS but in Jet Reports it’s so much easier, and a huge time-saver.”

Val Gameiro
Sr. NAV Analyst
BPL Plasma

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Create Reports Without Having Any Complex Excel Knowledge 

Follow Report Wizard through every step it takes to create a report, specifying fields, layout options, as well as grouping and sorting levels.  

Report Wizard Data Source

Apply Filters, Grouping, Sorting and Subtotaling into Dynamic Reports

You don’t have to do it all yourself. Eliminate the guesswork of report design and make your users happy with readable and useful reports.

Report Wizard Select Fields

Make Large Transactional or Line Item Detail Reports Easy to Read

Report Wizard’s flexible grouping, filtering, and formatting options can help you make your most detailed reports clear and comprehensible, while still including all the particulars.  

Line Item Detail

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