Drag-and-Drop to Create Advanced, Multi-Dimensional Reports in Any Format you Want

Your answer to the fastest, easiest, and most dynamic report writing in Excel is here. With a drag-and-drop interface for Designers, Jet Browser gives you expansive, multi-dimensional formatting capability with enhanced data access to build advanced reports, exactly the way you want.

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“After our year-end meeting, I was able to put a report together in 5 minutes and have it distributed to each of our General Managers using Jet Reports and Jet Hub. To generate this report, it used to take days – now it only takes 10 minutes.”

Raj Patel
Rossmore Management Group

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Easily Format Any Report with Fast Drag-and-Drop Functionality

Jet Browser allows you to select the fields you need, drop them into the Excel, and then it literally writes the Jet formulas for you – producing dynamic reports automagically. Stop using manual, error-prone workarounds that hinder report performance and take too much time.

Drag And Drop

Designed for Multiple Dimensions and Multiple Companies 

Make a single report, multiple reports in seconds to significantly minimize report management and effort. For example, you can create a departmental balance sheet for every company by simply dragging and dropping GL by Rows, Department by Column, Company by Sheet, and Balance Subtotal at the intersection – watch Jet Reports do the work for you.

Gl By Rows

Access Additional Sources of Data

With help from Jet Browser, you can build the reports you need with the right data directly inside Excel. Access every single table, field, and company from Dynamics, including customizations and third-party add-ins. Also access external data sources and combine with Dynamics data in one place.


Format Reports Exactly the Way you Want with Jet Browser!

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