Management Reporter vs Jet Reports

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Rows, Columns, Trees and Reports

In this side by side comparison series, you will learn how Jet Reports leverages all your experience with Management Reporter, FRx and Excel to help you quickly and easily build fast, accurate reports from ALL of your Dynamics GP data.

We compare the steps and time it takes to build a common report in Management Reporter and show you what it takes to build that same report in Jet Reports. Uncover the benefits of using Jet Reports’ Excel Add-On as a replacement for your sunsetting Management Reporter solution, and understand all the functionality you retain, and gain, with Jet Reports.

Upgrade to Jet Reports

In 2016, Microsoft announced the end of feature development and support for the aging Management Reporter solution for Dynamics GP.

Jet Reports –  the official Microsoft designated replacement, offers:

  • Access to ALL GP Data, not just the General Ledger.
  • Data-rich reports in minutes, with no programming required!
  • Reports for life with version portable reports that never need to be rebuilt.
  • Always up-to-date reports that automatically refresh with real time data.
  • A familiar, drag and drop interface that works right inside Excel.
  • Fast, flexible reporting available on the web, anytime, anywhere.
  • A dynamic, evolving platform that meets the changing needs of users.

Built for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Jet Reports isn’t just a reporting add-on that works with Dynamics ERP, it’s a reporting add-on that was MADE for Dynamics ERP – we work directly with Microsoft. Jet Reports is tested and repeatedly implemented with AX, NAV, and GP to work right out of the box. We know what we’re doing because we know everything about your solution – inside and out!

Unparalleled Access to Your Dynamics GP Data, Directly Inside Excel

Upgrade to full business intelligence now with our data warehouse and OLAP cubes build for Dynamics GP, or add it later without service disruption:

  • Gain seamless multi-database consolidation and reporting
  • Get answers instantly with the ability to build visually stunning dashboards in minutes, inside Excel or Power BI, without technical knowledge
  • Experience the ease of reporting and finding data with pre-built cubes
  • Enjoy web portal access to the dashboards and reports you need no matter where you are
  • Gain confidence with advanced security features and a governed set of data for the company
  • And more!

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Jet Reports is the Dynamics GP Reporting Solution that Users Love

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