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Implement a High-speed, Cloud-based Accounting Hub for Full Control Over Financial Data

  • Finance Transformation - FastPost can mitigate many of the challenges of legacy migration, finance system transformation and GL replacement
  • Regulation & Compliance - FastPost enables your business to quickly adapt to new accounting standards and regulations
  • Efficiency & Cost Reduction - Your BAU costs are reduced through automation, streamlining processes, decreasing errors, and aiding faster close and moving to the cloud

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Andrew BrodieCEO

We needed a highly embeddable solution, and Logi was really the perfect fit. I haven't seen anyone come close to offering what Logi does.


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The FastPost platform allows you to bring data from anywhere in your business into a single place – so you can work with it, regardless of where it’s sourced.

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Your data is automatically mapped to a standard model and processed by a powerful accounting rules engine in the cloud on-demand, ready for the analysis you need to do.

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Unlike a general ledger, FastPost provides a granular, transaction-based accounting view. Unlike a generic business intelligence tool, FastPost has financial discipline and accounting integrity baked in.

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Drill into the detail of the sub-ledger or zoom out for a comprehensive view of business performance. Run calculations with precision and speed, consolidate all your reporting, then export to multiple outputs.

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Our data model is best in class, drawing on our extensive domain expertise, specifically created for each use case and industry. Data integration is simplified.

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No-Code / Low-Code

Users are in complete control of defining their own rules to account for every business event across all products, services, and contracts – however complex or long term.

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Open-Source Infrastructure

Written in Java, FastPost is an open and extensible platform built on open-source infrastructure and leading open-source technologies.

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Performance & Scalability

FastPost brings together the best of cutting-edge application design with ultra-high-performance system architecture and the latest In-Memory Data Grid technology.

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FastPost stores a rich source of information to meet financial, revenue, risk, product, and contract-based reporting requirements – including full business lifecycle events, transaction, and reference data.

See How Accounting & Finance Teams Are Saving 100s of Hours of Manual Work & Unlock New Capabilities Hours


Less Time

Julie Muller
Julie Muller Finance Manager

"I'd say we need 30 to 40 percent less time to get our work done, all thanks to Jet. Fixed assets, for example, used to take half a day; now Jet does that automatically. That's amazing.”

2 Days

Saved Every Week

Nick Stuart
Nick Stuart Corporate Controller

"The CFO and I can pull up the data and see where our cash is at any time. It’s really been a life saver, especially during these uncertain times."


Less Time

Brian Meyers
Brian Meyers Controller

"It’s not just the huge amount of time that is saved; it’s also the sheer amount of information that's available at the click of a button."