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Connect to a Winning Partnership

Improved Profitability​

  • Access to a user base of more than 150,000 customers
  • Exclusive partner programs and rebates for better margins
  • Service opportunities to expand your revenue

Competitive Advantage​

  • Associate your organization with the global leader in ERP/EPM reporting solutions
  • Open new buying centers, with new use cases with integration into 130+ ERP/EPM platforms​
  • Become the trusted partner for reporting, visualization, analytics, and business planning

Accelerated Sales​

  • Upsell opportunities with satisfied existing customer base
  • Inclusion in lead generation, co-marketing, and digital marketing campaigns
  • Built-in training and marketing support

Partner Eco-System

Our program includes three types of partnerships: reseller, ERP, and strategic partners. Whichever works best for you and your business, we'll connect you with the resources you need to be successful.

Reseller Partners
  • Reseller channel markets, sells, supports, and contracts with end users and is eligible to participate in our partner program
  • We partner with you to strategize and develop successful sales and marketing campaigns​
  • We provide training and support to ensure you are as confident in insightsoftware products as we are
ERP Partners
  • Software publishers market, sell, support, and contract with end users
  • We partner with you to identify new markets and growth opportunities​
  • We provide content, incentives, and training
Strategic Partners
  • Ecosystem partners refer, influence, and implement software solutions
  • We partner with you to deploy enterprise solutions that meet mission-critical objectives in a variety of key verticals​
  • We provide strategic marketing materials and best-in-class support to help meet the needs of your customers