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MRI Platform X has revolutionized the way real estate professionals experience property management software. The freedom and flexibility offered in Platform X makes it possible for MRI clients to utilize Spreadsheet Server to produce consistent, quality Excel-based reports based on data from their system and other disparate sources.

Spreadsheet Server – MRI Edition is specially designed to easily combine data and create comprehensive reports. Spreadsheet Server – MRI Edition lets users work in an environment they’re already familiar with: Microsoft Excel. With just basic Excel knowledge, users can build comprehensive reports and dashboards using live data that refreshes at the click of a button, so you’re always looking at the most up-to-date information. Report faster on all your data and expedite your process by hundreds of hours, all with Spreadsheet Server – MRI Edition.

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Spreadsheet Server puts an end to tedious, error-prone, and manual reporting processes while letting you work in the environment you’re most comfortable: Microsoft Excel. Connect to MRI and work with real-time data to ensure your entire organization has a clear and accurate view of exactly what is going on in finance and operations.

Spreadsheet Server has reduced hours of completely unproductive time. Additionally, I have been able to build quick and efficient ad hoc reporting, which is invaluable to our organization. I spend so much less time regurgitating information from our reporting system and use that time to make more educated decisions about our business.

April Homerski
Accounting Manager
High Industries, Inc.

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