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Less Time

Julie Muller Finance Manager

"I'd say we need 30 to 40 percent less time to get our work done, all thanks to Jet. Fixed assets, for example, used to take half a day; now Jet does that automatically. That's amazing.”

2 Days

Saved Every Week

Nick Stuart Corporate Controller

"The CFO and I can pull up the data and see where our cash is at any time. It’s really been a life saver, especially during these uncertain times."


Less Time

Brian Meyers Controller

"It’s not just the huge amount of time that is saved; it’s also the sheer amount of information that's available at the click of a button."

Are Data Management Challenges Hold Your Business Back?

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Consolidating Data From Disparate Source Systems

Data silos, inconsistent data formats, and time-consuming, error-prone, manual data collection processes lead to inconsistencies and inaccuracies in consolidated data sets. Inaccurate data leads to errors in reporting and difficulty generating accurate insights.

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Understanding Complex Dynamics Data Structures

Navigating through intricate Microsoft Dynamics ERP data structures, modules, and entities requires a deep understanding of the underlying data relationships, making it daunting for non-technical users to interpret and utilize business data effectively.

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IT Dependency for Power BI and Reporting Projects

Traditional IT-centric approaches for BI and reporting projects often result in bottlenecks and delays in accessing critical business insights. This dependency limits the ability of business users to explore and analyze data independently, hindering decision-making.

Gain Control and Consistency Over Your Data

Jet Analytics delivers an automated data warehouse with purpose-built connectors to Microsoft Dynamics ERPs, plus more than 250 additional data connectors and pre-configured Microsoft Analysis Services data cubes, helping businesses easily consolidate multiple data sources into a single-source-of-truth dataset. With trusted, accurate, data, organizations can ensure that all stakeholders are working with consistent, up-to-date data, leading to improved operational efficiency and strategic decision-making.

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Speed Up Financial Reporting and Analysis

Jet Analytics allows you to combine multiple data sources into a data warehouse, customizable cubes, and tabular models, on a platform that allows configurations five times faster than manual coding. Enable users across your organization to build and share reports and dashboards within minutes and gain valuable business insight from day one. Seamlessly connect and consolidate multiple data sources to deliver a single-source-of-truth dataset for your reporting and analysis needs. Speed up reporting cycles with fast query response times, incremental refresh and optimal resource utilization.

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Create Power BI Reports and Dashboards with Ease

Jet Analytics’ library of pre-built OLAP cubes and tabular models are designed for use with Dynamics ERPs and Power BI, delivering accurate, controlled data for reporting and BI purposes. A comprehensive library of pre-built report and Power BI dashboard templates get you up and running fast. Jet Analytics’ drag-and-drop interface automatically generates SQL script to significantly reduce the technical expertise required to build or amend BI projects, helping businesses rely less on IT and reducing the need for costly technical experts and consultants.

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Smoother, Streamlined Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud Migrations

Jet Analytics is designed to reduce the complexity and increase the velocity of your Dynamics 365 implementation. It helps streamline your future upgrades by eliminating the need to migrate legacy ERP data into your new system and maintaining unlimited sources of legacy data in one consolidated reporting and analytics platform. With Jet, your existing reports are automatically upgraded as well, allowing businesses to avoid the painful and time-consuming process of recreating reports and eliminate additional costs to maintain legacy reports. 

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Seamless integration with your ERM/EPM, realtime data feed & IT-free export features

Connect to 140+ ERPs and EPMs export and view render data without an IT expertise


A Single Source of Truth for All Financial and Operational Reporting

Automation & Data Management Green

Pre-built Microsoft Dynamics Connectors

Purpose-built Dynamics ERP connectors streamline the process of integrating your Dynamics data into Jet Analytics, saving valuable IT time and resources by eliminating the need for custom development work, leading to faster implementation and lower costs.

Collaboration And Sharing Green

User-friendly, drag-and-drop interface

Jet Analytics’ intuitive, drag-and-drop interface automatically generates SQL script used with Power BI projects, simplifying the process of building and customizing data models and making it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.

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Out-of-the-box OLAP Cubes and Tabular Models

Pre-built Microsoft OLAP cubes and Tabular Models for Finance, Inventory, Payables, Purchase, Receivables, Sales, and Manufacturing provide a ready-to-use framework to perform complex multidimensional analysis and easy creation of interactive reports.

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200+ pre-built Power BI dashboards and reports

An extensive template library of financial reports and BI dashboards allow businesses to immediately access critical financial information and performance metrics to generate key financial insights and deliver powerful data visualizations.

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Data Lineage Tracing and Impact Analysis

Track the origin and transformation of data throughout its lifecycle, ensure transparency and accountability in data management, and maintain data integrity to ensure sound data governance practices for risk mitigation and regulatory compliance.

Automation Green

Data Warehouse Automation

Automated data integration, transformation, and loading reduces manual effort required for data processing, improves data quality and consistency, minimizes the risk of human error, and allows users to access up-to-date data for timely decision-making.

Watch Jet Analytics Easily Blend ERP Data for Reporting and BI

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