How easily can you adapt your budgeting, reporting, and analytics to your business needs?

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Other Software Solutions Aren’t Flexible Enough

Many budget and planning software solutions claim to be flexible, but in reality, leave you locked into budget and reporting structures that don’t match your business needs. This prevents you from optimizing your performance because planning models don’t reflect your true business drivers. You shouldn’t have to adapt your processes to fit the software, the software should adapt to you.

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Manual Processes Are Difficult to Control

Manual budget and forecast processes involve exporting data into multiple Excel spreadsheets sent back and forth between contributors and approvers. It’s easy to lose control of these time-consuming, frustrating, and error-prone processes.

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Over-reliance on IT to Manage Planning and Reporting Needs

Typical planning and reporting processes depend heavily on IT to provide the necessary data. This causes delays and prevents both you and the IT team from focusing on higher value activities.

Streamline Your Financial Processes With Planning, Reporting, and Analytics (FP&A) in One Place

Optimize Results with Agile Budgeting and Forecasting Software

Implement a robust and agile planning process to improve budgeting and forecasting accuracy and shorten cycle times. Enjoy a fast time to value thanks to the browser-based, Excel-like interface, which allows you to leverage your existing skills. Create models that reflect how your business works by building any type of form, supporting top-down, bottom-up, zero-based, and hybrid budgeting models.

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Develop Accurate, Integrated Plans Across Your Entire Business

Improve accuracy using advanced driver-based planning models to extend planning beyond finance. Create sales budgets, production budgets, cost budgets, employee budgets, project budgets, purchase budgets, sales forecasts, cash flow forecasts, workforce planning, occupancy planning, high-level production planning, FTE planning, purchase planning, and much more.

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Create Real-Time Reports Without Relying on IT

Access real-time data from your ERP system or any other data source. Create your own reports without relying on IT, using a browser-based, Excel-like interface that leverages your existing skills. Handle everything from basic financial statements to multi-company reporting with operational consolidation and currency management. Cover all your reporting needs including sales reports, cost monitoring, financial reporting, cash flow reporting, cost allocation, KPI reports, and more.

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Combine Data From Multiple Sources for Deeper Insights

Combine multiple data sources into a single source of truth, so users always have consistent information whether they are viewing a pre-defined structured report or creating an ad hoc report for on-the-fly analysis. Enable users to make informed, data-driven decisions by streamlining navigation and analysis of large volumes of data through fast and tailor-made analytics.

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Visualize and Share Your Performance Through Stunning Dashboards

Create rich, interactive dashboards—including charts, gauges, and traffic lights—that visualize your defined strategic and tactical goals, and enable your teams to see and understand your organization’s performance and results. Share easy to understand information across your organization using data visualization, scorecards, trend analysis, KPI visualization, and much more, so everyone has the information they need to do their job.

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Integrates with:


  • Maconomy


  • 24SevenOffice
  • Acumatica
  • Fortnox
  • PowerOffice
  • QlikSense
  • Standalone DB with ODBC/DSN connection
  • Standalone IBM DB
  • Standalone Oracle DB
  • Standalone SQL DB
  • TripleTex
  • Unit4
  • Visma
  • Xero
  • xLedger
4 Things To Look For In A Financial Planning Solution

4 Things to Look for in a Financial Planning Solution

As companies continue to invest in so many areas of the business, why is it that budgeting and planning processes remain manual and stale?

Companies are confronted with a number of choices when it comes to investing in the right reporting tool. Do I choose a solution that’s real-time and ERP integrated, or staged? What types of input do I care about seeing? Who do I involve in the process? Does this solution have the flexibility for newer methodologies like driver-based modeling, continuous planning, and integrated business planning? These are the right questions to be asking when choosing the best reporting solution to fit your needs, but do you really know what to look for? Make sure you clearly define all of your needs and the benefits of each tool to ensure that you choose the reporting solution that addresses them most efficiently.

Download this whitepaper for an inside look at:

  • Consolidating your data to take a one system approach
  • Using reporting to make your business more agile
  • The total cost of ownership for planning solutions and how to see benefits
  • The importance of focusing on ERP integration

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