Production Reporting Acceleration

Experience fast report refreshes, with large data volumes

Out of the box, Hubble provides a direct, real-time connection to your JD Edwards (JDE) or Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) ERP. For organizations managing large data volumes who want fast report refreshes or to reduce the load on their production servers, the Hubble Accelerator enables you to replicate your ERP data in near real time into a highperformance reporting database. 

Hubble reports

Enjoy all the benefits of real-time ERP connectivity and more

Report against live ERP data and enjoy fast response times without impacting the performance of your production system and without the need to create or maintain an expensive data warehouseEnjoy all the benefits of a direct, real-time ERP connection, including the ability to drill from summary to transaction data with the added capability to proactively track the health of your business with alerts and notifications. 

Fast Performance

Deliver fast performance against large data volumes

Take the load off your production ERP by replicating changes to your JDE or EBS system in near real time into a high-performance columnar database optimized for fast reporting and analysis.

Maintain a single version of the truth for decision making

Replicate your data in near real time so your reporting database is always in sync with your ERP. Get fast reporting while still maintaining a single source of truth for consistent decision making.

Combine data from multiple sources to see the big picture

Combine data from multiple JDE and EBS instances with data from your other systems to create new insights that provide a complete view of your business performance.

Identify exceptions early with alerts and notifications

Monitor your KPIs and metrics in real time and set alerts to notify you of potential risks and opportunities whenever and wherever you are. 

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