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Overcome your challenges connecting, managing, and actioning your data

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Embedding Value-Building Analytics

Easily embed a powerful analytical & reporting engine in your application or software product. Accelerate your roadmap and deliver more value for your customers, while using fewer development resources, utilizing a platform that scales with you.

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Unlocking Value from Disparate Data Systems

Securely access any data source with the industry standard high-performance ODBC/JDBC drivers and transformation tools. Enable your users to reliably access, extract and action their data – increasing their time to value and decision making.

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Data Visualization and Writeback Integrity

Unlock extra value from your BI investments, including Qlik, PowerBI or your own BI solution. Unlock extra value from your BI investments, including Qlik, Power BI or your own BI solution. Seamlessly integrate insightsoftware solutions to allow your enterprise to build powerful workflows through industry leading write-back, augmented analytics and visualizations.

Flexible, Scalable Analytics for Better, Faster Decision Making

insightsoftware's data and analytics solutions support every stage of your data journey, uniting diverse data sources through adaptable BI tools for informed decision-making.

Accelerating Your Business Intelligence

Deliver the business intelligence value your stakeholders crave

  • Supercharge Power BI with planning and write-back
  • Unleash the full power of Qlik Sense and Qlik Cloud
  • Enhance Your Data-Driven Application Experiences

Data Integration

Your data integrated, connected and available.

  • Seamlessly bridge applications to any data source for optimal access
  • Leverage universal SQL querying for comprehensive data analysis
  • Build your own enterprise-grade ODBC/JDBC drivers

Data Management

Accelerate time to value with product catalogs and master data mgmt.

  • Adapt to evolving legal demands for sustained compliance
  • Centralized product data for consistent multichannel publishing
  • Cut redundancy, rework; ditch error-prone spreadsheets

Data Insights for Real-World Impact


insightsoftware’s data and analytics solutions provide powerful and intuitive BI tools, connecting data sources from within and outside enterprises. They help manage and surface large amounts of data to empower users with valuable insights. 

By bringing together data signals from beyond the CFO function, it enables the office of the CFO to make informed business decisions using both financial and operational data. 

BI Developers and application teams often encounter data integration delays, inconsistent data quality, and limited reporting flexibility. Insightsoftware provides data and analytics solutions to mitigate these challenges. 

Product Managers and Product Owners deal with customer experience hurdles, resource allocation struggles, and delayed market response. insightsoftware offers tools and insights to address these issues. 

insightsoftware addresses system incompatibility, high maintenance costs, and end-user support issues faced by IT teams.

Data profiling ensures data quality and consistency before analysis. It empowers organizations with clear systems that can be converted into actionable insights.

Cross-departmental communication enhances data analysis effectiveness, reduces decision-making time, and provides cost-effective solutions.

Organizations should start by asking specific questions regarding data analysis based on their strategy, goals, budget, and target customers. Clear questions lead to relevant insights.

insightsoftware data and analytics assists the C-Suite by providing effective data strategies, aligning tech stacks, and promoting innovation.

Data is only as good as the questions asked. Properly framed questions lead to actionable insights that drive business growth and evolution.