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Gateway to Analytics

Gateway to analytics is Stage 1 in the Embedded Analytics Maturity Model. This method of embedding provides access to the analytics in the process application via an embedded single sign-on. With single sign-on integration, the main application serves as the user’s “gateway” to the analytics application.

In the gateway model, the analytics application has integrated security with the core application. Users only need one set of login credentials, which are passed from the core application to the analytics application via single sign-on. Note that there are still two applications, but the access to analytics is embedded in the core application. It’s still a separate experience, however, because users have to switch back to the core application if they actually want to put insights to work.

There are a variety of instances when this model of embedding is appropriate. One example is when you have multiple applications and are creating a single analytic application that accesses data from one or more of these. With single sign-on implemented, users coming from any of the applications can access analytics. This can work well if the analytics application is in the cloud and serving up data from on-premise and cloud applications.

A second example is when you are offering the analytic application as a distinct commercial offering that customers need to purchase separately from your core application – and the “not-fully-integrated” application aligns with your commercial approach.

A third reason is that this model is simply an intermediate step in your development process and you intend to integrate analytics deeper in the future.


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