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Consumers are business users who prefer a defined analytics experience. They usually have a standard set of metrics and KPIs they need to track in order to do their jobs more effectively or to measure performance against target.

Consumers can be at any level of the organization, from the C suite to the factory floor. In many ways they’re the toughest persona on insightsoftware’s Continuum of Self-Service to satisfy because they don’t necessarily know what they want, but they’ll know it when they see it. While a consumer’s analytics experience is focused on consumption of pre-determined dashboards and reports, they still want to interact with the content and “play” with the numbers. They also want to personalize the display to their liking.

Examples of information consumers include:

  • A CEO who wants to review high-level performance metrics at the organization
  • Line worker who needs to see production versus target volumes being produced on the plant floor
  • Nurse who needs to monitor the readmission floor of a hospital on an iPad