Interactive Financial Reporting

Do more than just distribute monthly reports

Numbers have an important story to tell; they rely on you to give them a voice. This story should convey business performance powerfully through interactive financial reporting by leveraging input from different operational departments. Told well, your story will guide executives directly toward the key insights behind the data.
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CXO Software Offers Unique Analytical Features

Say goodbye to static, printed reporting packs that no one actually reads. The storyboard functionality within our reporting software helps you put together relevant, interactive reports and dashboards for the ultimate corporate performance story.
Find insights and understand what makes up the figures by drilling down into your financial data.


Effective financial storytelling involves more than just simply distributing monthly financial statements with a few accompanying footnotes. It should be about conveying business performance powerfully and delivering interactive financial reporting that guides executives directly to the key insights behind the data to speed up the decision-making process.
Some reporting needs can only be met using performance tiles.


Your monthly storyboard can be automated to generate all the updated content, eliminating the need for manual, repetitive report creation and distribution. Share your interactive report safely within CXO Software, only including users with the right credentials, or export them to traditional formats, such as Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF.
CXO Software allows users to enhance reports and dashboards with Point of View (POV) comments.

Commentary and narrative

Traditional integration of narrative into reporting processes is manual, ad hoc, and highly error prone. CXO Software enables effective communication to streamline internal and external reporting processes. One of our unique features is that we combine quantitative data with value-added narrative within a single secure and collaborative environment.
CXO financial analysis software lets you make better decisions driven by automated forecast modeling

Reporting dashboards

Free yourself from static Excel spreadsheets and discover a wealth of new insights with our powerful data visualizations. Built with finance in mind, CXO Software’s financial and performance reporting dashboards facilitate the decision-making process and make spotting variances and patterns simple. That’s the power of interactive financial reporting!

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