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Bermuda-Based Urban Developr Cuts Days from Monthly Reporting Cycle

High functionality and intuitive nature of Spreadsheet Server helps to streamline WEDCO's reporting process



With vast public holdings to manage, Bermuda-Based West End Development Corporation (WEDCO) needed a reporting solution that could keep up with its needs. They initially started with Bl Analyzer, a product that utilizes its MRI Software enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. But with Bl Analyzer not being a real-time application, CFO Kent Bascome couldn’t get the up-to-the-minute information he really needed the moment he needed it. It was time for a different solution.

Bascome regularly attended the MRI user conferences, always searching for better ways to use his software. And that’s where he met Spreadsheet Server by insightsoftware. “I saw Spreadsheet Server there every year and finally decided to jump on board with it,” Bascome recalled.


The results were instantaneous and impressive. “Once my templates were set up and I got some training, Spreadsheet Server was very intuitive,” said Bascome. “What used to take me two or three days now takes me a couple of hours.”

WEDCO’s reporting processes have been revolutionized by Spreadsheet Server, starting with the accuracy of reports. Because Spreadsheet Server sits directly on top of WEDCO’s MRI database, the numbers are pulled in live, right from the system. “That’s the beauty of it,” Bascome added. That direct connectivity ensures that reports are pulling current information.

Using Spreadsheet Server, WEDCO now has complete confidence in its reporting. From the functionality to customer support, to the intuitive nature of the tool, Bascome will tell anyone who asks and even those who don’t, how Spreadsheet Server has made him more efficient.

"What used to take me two or three days now takes me a couple of hours.”

Kent Bascome Chief Financial Officer

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