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As a Jet Reports partner, WebSan was looking to help clients fix their complicated Microsoft Dynamics Business Central financial reporting process.

09 2021 Casestudy Websan Case Study

WebSan Solutions Inc. is known for its customer service and software solutions. With offices in Toronto, Canada, and Tennessee, USA, they are a premier Microsoft GOLD Dynamics Certified Partner and IT consulting and solutions provider. They can trace their Dynamics heritage back through GP and NAV, and today they are focused on helping their clients implement Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. Their team consists of more than forty professionals, with multiple decades of combined experience in the areas of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and IT consulting.

The Challenge

“Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything WebSan does,” said Andrew King, Managing Director, WebSan Solutions Inc, a Microsoft partner since 2008 and an insightsoftware Jet partner since August, 2020. When WebSan implements Business Central, King explains, “we want to provide our customers with a complete solution that meets all their needs. That’s why we developed a suite of pre-built Power BI dashboards to speed up the delivery of management information.” However, where WebSan sees gaps, King said, “we look for complementary technology to ensure our client’s success. Financial reporting is one such area.”

With financial reporting King explains, “the out of the box reports don’t give finance professionals the flexibility they need. While software like Power BI is great for dashboards and management reports, it doesn’t hit the mark for finance. A lot of times, finance users end up dumping data into Excel, because that’s where they feel most comfortable. So, why not let them start in Excel? That’s why we show them Jet Reports, because we know it gives finance what they want.”

Building to Success with Jet Reports

As Microsoft continues to grow its Business Central market share, it needs a network of partners it can rely on who have developed fast, repeatable implementation processes. WebSan certainly fits this mold. “We’re pretty rinse, wash, repeat with our sales, but very focused on ensuring that what we offer clients is beneficial,” said King. “Quite early on, we realized that the Business Central financial reporting wasn’t great, one of the complaints we often had from clients was that they would get stuck setting up reports. This was something we knew we had to address. And so, we looked at Jet Reports, which we kept encountering through our NAV customers, and said, ‘this is great’.”

Now WebSan has integrated Jet Reports as part of its standard offer to clients. “We have these fixed fee implementation plans. With them, we tell our clients that we’re so adamant that Jet Reports will make them happier that we make it a mandatory part of our offer,” said King. WebSan also developed a library of best practice reports to ensure their client’s success and to accelerate their implementation process. “We created a massive catalog of about 85 reports that we offer as a bundle that the client can instantly start using. When we sell Jet Reports, we give the clients the entire catalog and we record some training videos to help them get started.”

This process has been very successful for WebSan and its clients. “Having Jet Reports saves us days of implementation work, and it is enables our clients to quickly take ownership of their financial reporting. We get almost no post-integration support calls regarding Jet Reports,” said King. “Ultimately, it’s about giving the client what they need.” Since they began selling Jet Reports last year, they’ve taken on nineteen new clients with 100% satisfaction. WebSan was recognized by Microsoft as 2021 Partner of the Year for Dynamics 365 Business Central. King attributes this to “the large number of happy, new Business Central customers we have implemented over the past year. We feel Jet Reports has played a significant role in this success, because it addresses all our clients’ financial reporting needs.”

Navigating Success

WebSan has been able to build on the success of their Microsoft Dynamics Business Central practice by implementing Jet Reports for their clients, leading them to:

  • Save days of implementation work with each new client, enabling them to onboard more customers, more quickly.
  • Ensure 100% client satisfaction with the Jet Reports Bundle for financial reporting.
  • Give clients ownership of their financial reports, which leads to less support calls, saving time for both WebSan and its clients.
  • Add value to Business Central by solving clients financial reporting challenges while complementing Power BI.

Every one of our clients has been satisfied adopting Jet Reports.

Andrew King Managing Director

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