US Commercial Construction Company Saves Time and Eliminates Hassle with Spreadsheet Server

Warfel Construction reduces its reporting time spend by 75% with the use of insightsoftware's cloud-based reporting solution, Spreadhseet Server

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Like many other companies, Warfel Construction’s original reporting and analytics process with their Viewpoint ERP was very manual. “We would run reports from our accounting system for an amount and manually key that into spreadsheet templates that we had set up,” recalled Tony Smith, Warfel Construction’s vice president of finance. “Every time a manager or supervisor needed a question answered, we had to go into Viewpoint and pull manually.”

Each month, Smith estimated it took his team no less than 20 hours to create the reports and distribute them.

Although Warfel Construction did consider finding alternate ways to extract data from Viewpoint, it still didn’t seem possible to have Viewpoint do what they needed it to do. With Spreadsheet Server by insightsoftware specifically recommended for Viewpoint, Smith and his team at Warfel Construction started there and hoped this would be the solution they needed. And it was.

They were sold almost immediately on the efficiency and functionality of Spreadsheet Server.


Adding Spreadsheet Server to their reporting process has profoundly benefitted Warfel Construction. Previously, every accounting department employee spent time reformatting and getting reports ready for the upcoming month. Now, with the formula-based Spreadsheet Server reports, they’ve cut that time by 75%. “We can instantly get updated reports and distribute them out,” said Smith.

Spreadsheet Server saves Warfel Construction additional time by reducing the number of errors that occur in the reporting process. “By having Spreadsheet Server pull directly from the [Viewpoint] system, it’s populating faster,” said Smith. “The integrity of our data is more accurate.”

Not only that, Spreadsheet Server’s Distribution Manager feature reduced data security issues by ensuring that reports always deliver to the right people.

Spreadsheet Server has been the hero that Warfel Construction needed, and Smith is glad for it: “Coming in as a new finance leader last year, I wanted to make an immediate impact on the organization, and Spreadsheet Server is a tool that enabled me to do that.”

“We can instantly get updated reports and distribute them out. It’s a really quick process now.”

Tony Smith
Vice President of Finance
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Enhanced Security

Distribution Manager feature optimizes data security by ensuring reports are always delivered to the right people

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Time Savings

Formula-based reports slashes reporting time spend by 75%

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Reduced Errors

Data are pulled directly from the system, enabling faster population and improved data integrity