Via Mechanics Now Generates Inventory Reports in Minutes Instead of Hours with Jet Reports

Industrial machinery manufacturer uses Jet Reports to streamline the report generation process, save time on data analysis, and eliminate errors for more accurate results

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Since its establishment in 1968, Via Mechanics has developed and manufactured a broad range of industrial machinery, including its main product line of printed circuit board (PCB) machines. Originally, Via Mechanics relied on manual data entry in Excel spreadsheets to generate their financial and inventory reports. However, their large amount of inventory resulted in a tedious process that required generating up to four different reports every month for data cross-comparison and analysis. Via Mechanics needed a way to generate financial reports using customized data inputs to produce relevant insights for their business needs.


After implementing Jet Reports, Via Mechanics greatly improved the efficiency of their report generation process. Instead of manually exporting data and inputting formulae into Excel every month, Finance could now generate a single accurate report with one click without needing to compare multiple reports, allowing them to keep accurate track of their large inventory more efficiently than before. Via Mechanics could also use Jet Reports to customize data inputs to create financial reports that are not only more accurate but also more relevant for their needs. Jet Reports’ user-friendly and powerful design has allowed Via Mechanics to save time and carry out work more effectively.


“Because of the many benefits Jet Reports has given us, we’re keen to look into other solutions from insightsoftware.” – Carine Yong

“Jet Reports is user friendly, generates reports with the touch of a button, and lets us work more efficiently.”

Carine Yong
Finance Assistant Manager
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Streamlined Report Generation

Automatic report generation removes the need to manually export and combine data from NAV into Excel sheets, greatly simplifying the process.

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Total Reports Generated Reduced from 4 to 1

Jet Reports generates a single report that presents accurate data, saving the need for comparing and analyzing data across multiple reports.

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Customization of Data Inputs Made Possible

Jet Reports allows Via Mechanics to customize data inputs, thus generating financial reports that present the relevant data for its purposes.