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CPG Company Super Impressed with GL Wand, Increases Licences by More Than a Factor of 20

Tiger Brands uses GL Wand to speed up reporting, eliminate human error, and improve the intuitiveness of final report presentation



Jan van der Merwe, a senior business analyst at Tiger Brands, explained that with the organization’s growth over the years, its IT environment ended up looking a bit like a “fruit salad,” with multiple different enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions in place across the various divisions. It was this that led to the desire for a strategic shift to an Oracle-only environment.

“When we were busy with an implementation project for one of the divisions that was not using Oracle at the time, we were put under pressure by the time constraints with regard to getting the necessary reporting requirements in place, as these were extremely tight,” Van der Merwe said. “Obviously, these users were inexperienced with Oracle, so in order to address the requirements of this particular user community and to get them up and running within the tight time frames we were given, we implemented the GL Wand tool from insightsoftware.”


The company was especially impressed with how easily the GL Wand tool enabled the users to adapt to the new Oracle environment, and how simple it was to get the employees up to a level of self-sufficiency, thanks to the rapid transfer of knowledge.

“The effectiveness of GL Wand is probably best indicated by simple numbers: With the original implementation in 2006, we purchased six licenses,” said Van der Merwe. “Today, that number has increased by more than a factor of 20, with the Tiger Brands Group currently utilizing over 130 licenses.”

GL Wand offers Tiger Brands two key pillars, namely those of reporting and analysis. Van der Merwe said that from an analysis perspective, the company has no other tool that is able to offer what GL Wand does in pure functionality terms. This, coupled with the ability to drill down to a granular level, means that whatever level of analysis is required, the tool can do it.

“There were other tools available to us, but none of these would have been able to achieve what GL Wand did, let alone do it in such a short space of time.”

Jan van der Merwe Senior Business Analyst

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