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SSB Consulting Advances Customized Reports with Logi Symphony

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SSB Consulting embedded analytics from Logi Symphony to create customized reports and offer customers real-time dashboards to analyze and report on sales.

Strategic Solutions for Business (SSB) is a business intelligence software provider and consultancy specializing in data driven results. SSB works across industries, such as sports and entertainment, healthcare, energy and more. SSB was established under the concept that consultants should be experts in what they do. The firm is comprised of data experts, developers and management consultants with various backgrounds – everything from Certified Public Accountants to engineers and Project Management Professionals.

The company also develops software; offering enterprise reporting and analytics solutions to help break down the silos of systems that don’t integrate with one another.

SSB’s Central Intelligence platform is aimed at helping organizations better understand big data issues. The solution allows for secure, fast integration of enterprise data, such as CRM, Finance, Operations, email marketing, and social media systems – all from one central, cloud-based solution.

The Challenge

SSB’s Ticketing Intelligence software was SSB’s first software solution that provides ticket sellers with real-time dashboards to analyze and report on sales.

Ticketing Intelligence reports leveraged Microsoft’s SQL Server Reporting Services, and SSB realized that in order to be more competitive in the space, it needed to provide dynamic and customizable dashboards for its customers.

When SSB began to develop its new cloud-based solution, Central Intelligence, the company began its search for an embeddable analytics solution that could create customized reports and dashboards, with personalization that also supported the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach of many of SSB’s clients.

The Solution

As part of the business intelligence (BI) industry, SSB has come across nearly every BI and data analytics solution on the market. SSB found that Logi Symphony was the right choice as it could be fully integrated into the Central Intelligence solution, and the tokenization capabilities would simplify how SSB developed standardized solutions across many customers.

Andrew Brodie, CEO at SSB, noted that he had never seen any solution with such an extensive Meta data capability allowing SSB to deliver high impact reports and dashboards in an accelerated manner. He also appreciated that he could offer his customers customized reports while only managing a single code base.

The Results

Ease of Use Leads to Faster Time to Market
SSB has found Logi Symphony to be one of the easiest-to-use solutions, and the team is able to train new employees within a week’s time.

“We were impressed with how quickly we were able to embed and white label with Logi Symphony. We feel that it has really accelerated our time to market and is making our product better,” Brodie stated.

SSB is now able to create reports much faster than they have in the past. Brodie notes that, based on his experience, Logi Symphony is at least twice as fast as Microsoft Reporting Services and three times faster than Oracle.

Once a standard report is created, SSB is able to use the same code to roll out branded, data-specific reports for each customer, whether it’s a university or professional sports team, or even a performing arts center.

Mobile Dashboards Increase Customer Revenue
The ability to view the reports on the go has also helped increase customers’ revenue. For example, a football coach at a large state university happened to glance at a mobile report while watching his son’s soccer game. He learned the football ticket sales were ahead of schedule. Based on this insight, he increased the price of tickets by $10 and ended up making $100,000 more that day than he would have.

Lowering Operating Costs
Logi Symphony is also feeding into SSB’s consulting services. SSB has become an extension of many of its customers’ IT departments, and has brought BI operating costs down. In fact, a large sports association has reduced costs by 500 percent through the use of SSB.

We needed a highly embeddable solution, and Logi Symphony was really the perfect fit. I haven’t seen anyone come close to offering what Logi Symphony does for people in the OEM space.

Andrew Brodie CEO

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