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Kimball Office

DON NEU Kimball Office Kimball International

Morgan Foods International

STEVE HANKINS CFO Morgan Foods International

Hundreds of Users Gain Self-Sufficiency to Meet their Reporting Needs

Deepak Kaul Director of Change Management & Process Improvement Zebra Technologies

Understanding Transactional Information in Real Time

Patrick Bonahoom Staff Manager of IT Qualcomm


Kent Sorenson Manager, Accounting Graybar


Nathan Stephens Director of Solutions Engineering RStudio


Shahed Khalili VP, Product Galvanize

Trinity Overcame Critical Reporting Obstacles with Magnitude Angles for Oracle

Joseph Thakkolkaran Manager of Enterprise Applications Symmetricom Inc. Trinity Industries

Van Hessen Saves Valuable IT Resources with Hubble and CXO

Wouter van Beek IT Director Van Hessen

ABM’s Audit Process Amped Up With Jet Reports

Charles Ngare Head of Internal Audit ABM