Canadian Construction Drives Efficiency with Spreadsheet Server's Cloud-Based Reporting Solution

Nelson River Construction uses Spreadsheet Server throughout its organization, cutting days from the monthly reporting process while improving accuracy

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Nelson River Construction originally used Financial Manager for their reporting needs, but for CFO John Hudohmet, it wasn’t very manageable. Not only was Financial Manager not intuitive or user-friendly, it lacked flexibility and scalability as well. “It just took too much time to generate reports,” Hudohmet recalled. “We had a consolidated look including balance sheets and divisional statements. By the time we got it all processed, it had been at least a week. If there were changes, you’d have to go back and update the database that Financial Manager read from.”

With the lack of necessary flexibility, Nelson River Construction knew it was time to build reports a different way. While at a conference, Hudohmet crossed paths with Spreadsheet Server by insightsoftware, and that was it. Hudohmet liked what he saw in Spreadsheet Server, and not finding anything comparable on the market, decided to implement the platform for his team.


Nelson River Construction now runs all its reports through Spreadsheet Server. “With Spreadsheet Server, we’ve been able to expand the type of detailed reporting that didn’t exist before,” said Hudohmet. “We’ve used QueryDesigner to build 30–40 reports. We can build reports to bring back information that allows us to analyze what’s going on in a certain account.”

“Spreadsheet Server’s accuracy also contributed to my peace of mind,” said Hudomet. “Being right in Excel with Spreadsheet Server created tabbed reports. What would take me an hour to review in Financial Manager now takes minutes. I can also easily pinpoint errors and fix them; we’re confident in the system.”

Using Spreadsheet Server has put days back on Hudohmet’s calendar. “Every month, I’ve saved a good three days off what we used to do start to finish,” he noted. All that saved time has left his team the ability to do other things, such as deeper data analysis.

"What would take me an hour to review in Financial Manager now takes minutes. I can also easily pinpoint errors and fix them; we're confident in the system.”

John Hudohmet
Chief Financial Officer

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