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Service Manager Takes Control of Workload Distribution with Automated Reporting

N.P. Trucks use Jet Reports to simplify reporting, gain accurate insight into their numbers, and effectively distribute work throughout Denmark

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A/S N.P. Trucks sells, rents, and services trucks as well as other transport equipment throughout Denmark. The family-owned business supplies forklifts, mounted forklifts, reach stackers, and internal transportation equipment. After the financial crisis, N.P. Trucks had a growing need to understand their data better to uncover areas for improvement, define targets, and increase profits. They wanted deeper insight into their top key performance indicators (KPIs), without having to pay for additional development resources.  

Service Manager, Joern Kjaer, is responsible for organizing the duties of 40+ service technicians throughout Denmark. He and his team needed a reporting tool that would allow them to pull daily status reports on their own and show what jobs are progressing, postponed, or urgent to efficiently distribute the workload. Understanding these requirements, the company’s software solution partner recommended Jet Reports, an easy-to-use reporting tool built for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  


Since implementing Jet Reports, N.P. Trucks have easily transitioned to creating their own financial reports and getting immediate access to the data they need when they need it. With the ability to work directly in Excel in real time, Joern and his service department have been able to take action and distribute work more effectively than ever before. They can now get ahead of urgent work, send timely follow-ups on service jobs, measure individual efficiency, and regularly report on revenue, costs, and contribution margin for each service technician. With Jet Reports, the company’s service technicians can easily see how well they are planning their work and managing their time. 

“Jet Reports has enabled us to create and run the numbers and reports we need, when we need them. If the task is too complex for us, we have a regular partner consultant who creates the report for us in less than two hours. That’s a totally different project both in terms of time and money compared to having a NAV developer do the job.”

I now have a systematic follow-up process with Jet Reports. It’s a huge advantage to not have to manually report from Dynamics NAV. Instead, we have a pre-defined set of reports that I can access with a single click.

Joern Kjaer Service Manager

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