Leading Fast Food Franchise Selects CXO Software to Empower its Finance Users

Following a thorough search and proof of concept, McDonald’s Deutschland is reaping the rewards of implementing CXO Software across its nationwide operations.

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McDonald’s Deutschland LLC is Germany’s leading restaurant chain with 1,476 nationwide outlets. For the finance function, the responsibilities include delivering 50 top-down oversight of organization performance, including product mix analysis, budget analysis, and month-end financial insights. In addition, around 25 reports offer a bottom-up simulation process at a restaurant level. The reports are delivered to a wide range of executives and managers across the business, reaching various offices and restaurants across the country.

As the company grew, the amount of data handled day to day was growing far too quickly to be handled by the reporting systems in place. In particular, our Finance teams were unable to maintain the required hierarchy of the data; the result was an extremely fragmented process with multiple versions of the co-existing reports in different user databases. It opened the
door to potential duplication of work and errors. Ensuring alignment across our various workstream was a time-consuming process: Over 30 emails were being sent back and forth across the Finance team every month simply to make sure the numbers were right. Significant time and resources were being used up that could have been better used elsewhere.


The priority for McDonald’s finance function was finding a better way to integrate the company’s data collection and management systems with the Essbase source system. Above all, the solution needed to be finance-owned and easy to manage within the office. Having come up with a ‘wishlist’ for a new reporting software, McDonald’s narrowed down the choice two potential solutions, including CXO Software. During a four-week trial, users across the finance team trialed both systems, with more than 30 financial controllers providing feedback on the tools. The resounding feeling was that CXO Software was the easiest and most effective tool to work with.

CXO Software has been installed on the market. Since then, performance reporting at McDonalds Deutschland has risen to a new level. CXO Software is used by 30 financial controllers and five top staff members across the company, for a range of purposes-from financial reporting and analysis to performance forecasting and strategic planning. The tool is also used by more than 150 restaurant managers who rely on it for their oversight and analysis of their operations.

“Several years on from implementation, performance reporting at McDonald’s Deutschland has risen to new levels.”

Tim Deege
Senior Manager Finance Systems

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