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Support Strategic Planning, Budgeting, and Quarterly Forecast Processes

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Business Issues

  • Excel-based consolidations used by HD Supply Support Services
  • Time-consuming and manual process
  • Iterative process increased risk of errors

Longview Software and Service Solutions

  • Consolidation and management reporting (implemented)
  • Planning, budgeting, and forecasting (future implementation)
  • Implementation Services including Application Design, Configuration, Development, and Testing


  • Standardized/simplified consolidation application and process
  • Supported multiple customized hierarchal rollups for reporting and analysis
  • Automated journal entries and intercompany eliminations
  • Automated Balance Sheet and Income Statement Reporting
  • Streamlined/integrated monthly close process that reduced staff hours required to complete close, analysis and reporting processes
  • Eliminated labor-intensive tasks and numerous complicated spreadsheets
  • Improved reporting capabilities to allow users to spent more time analyzing performance results than on data collection, manipulation, and consolidation
  • Improved data integrity, accuracy, and reduced Excel-based errors

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