Multinational Oil and Gas Company Leverage the Simplicity of GL Wand and Reaps the Rewards

Gazprom leverages business intelligence to empower staff, improve drill-down capabilities, create reports in real time, and free up resources

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“Staff were using standard SAP reports but they weren’t SAP experts and had no self-help tools available,” explained Daniel Kennedy, Head of Business and Planning. “This made it very difficult for them to handle ad hoc queries from the business. They were downloading large amounts of SAP data to Excel, setting up offline databases, and making offline adjustments to data. There were no proactive controls to validate numbers and no consistency in reporting. As a result, people were spending a lot of time creating and amending reports and explaining inconsistencies in the data rather than carrying out analysis that would benefit the business.”

What Gazprom’s finance team needed was a flexible and easy-to-use querying tool that would allow analysis to complement and validate the results of the month-end processes. This had to provide an easy way to interrogate the figures, drill down to the source data, and extract information for ad hoc queries. The finance team needed to be able to create and amend reports themselves so that they could quickly respond to changing business needs and implement continuous improvement.


Kennedy identified GL Wand as the solution and soon implemented it.

Once employees had tried the product for themselves, they quickly saw how it could speed up and simplify reporting. “GL Wand changes behaviors: It gives the finance team the ability to access and manipulate live SAP data, rather than download it into a separate database and work with it offline,” Kennedy stated. “The finance staff are in control and have the confidence to work directly with the SAP data. They can answer ad hoc questions quickly using the power and functionality of Excel, and it’s easy for them to build reports, create graphs, and show trends such as actual figures against budget.”

In addition to Kennedy’s team, the tax team is now using GL Wand, and the IT team want to use it to validate numbers and check that they are reporting accurate data.

“From a business perspective, we needed something that was secure, transparent, and easy to use.”

Daniel Kennedy
Head of Business Planning and Reporting
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Increased Control

Finance users can directly access and manipulate live SAP data rather than having to download it

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Fast Installation

Installation on the SAP server takes a couple of hours, with only ten minutes needed to add GL Wand to users’ PC

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High Functionality

Reports can be refreshed to drill down to individual entries, to show they were posted and by whom