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Director of Fitness Enterprise Runs Sales Forecasting Reports in 40 Seconds with Jet Analytics

Fitness-Mad leverages powerful reporting and BI to standardize processes, empower users, and make more informed decisions

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Fitness-Mad, a worldwide leading fitness manufacturer and distributor of yoga, Pilates, and boxing equipment, needed a flexible reporting solution to create reports and access data, without spending a fortune. Since the company launched in 1998, Fitness-Mad has been a successful and thriving business. Managing Director, David Elliott, believes the reason for their success lies in the company’s value proposition, in which they allow customers to buy what they want when they want. Because sales forecasting is so integral to the company, Fitness-Mad replaced their former ERP system with Dynamics NAV and quickly discovered that they needed a developer to help them create the reports they needed. Unhappy with this costly and time-consuming process, they sought out a better solution and discovered Jet Analytics.


Today, the whole company uses Jet Analytics for reporting and business intelligence. One of the major benefits they enjoy is the flexibility to deal with ad hoc challenges and better anticipate customer demand. If David wanted to know how much free stock was available for sale, he previously would have had to determine the sell rate, when the order is coming in, how much stock is left, and how many sales orders need to be processed before the purchase order arrives. Using Jet, it only takes 40 seconds to run a report of the whole catalog of products, which minimizes future back orders and costs. Fitness-Mad also uses Jet Analytics to track the activities more effectively and improve the handling accuracy of their warehouse.

“We have been using Jet for a number of years. I can honestly say that Jet Global provides fantastic tools, and the fact that they are in Excel makes it easy to use by everybody.”

“The beauty of Jet is that you don’t need to be technical to use it. From the initial implementation, it gave us almost immediate payback. ”

David Elliot Managing Director

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