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Certent Equity Management Delivers Efficiency and Room for Growth at Financial Intelligence, LLC

As a small business with a lean team, Financial Intelligence, LLC needed an equity management platform that would automate key tasks and offer headroom for growth.

Financial Intelligence Feature


Financial Intelligence, LLC was looking for a platform to help it better meet its compliance obligations and improve efficiency. As a small organization, they wanted something that could scale easily and simplify cap table management as they grew.

They also wanted access to a responsive and knowledgeable support team.


Certent Equity Management addresses all of the company’s key challenges as a growing business. The team particularly values the insightsoftware participant portal which saves the team time by allowing efficient self-service access to information for plan participants.

Users at Financial Intelligence also report that CEM makes it easy to enter data and track activities and that it provides an excellent alternative to expensive equity management or accounting platforms.


Certent Equity Management has enabled the firm to significantly improve the audit experience by ensuring standardized calculations and reporting. They are able to manage complex and varied awards types and can easily record large amounts of historical data. It gives them flexibility in their choice of brokerage firms and reduces participant inquiries by providing easy access to information.

"Certent Equity Management is easy to use, it is easy to administer data, and the support team is very courteous and responsive. The help section is really helpful."

Rochelle Tolon CEP, Senior Stock Administrator

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