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Femat was looking to engage with their data better to generate more effective KPIs

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A distributor of high-performance green building materials based in Dardilly France, Femat specializes in insulation, waterproofing, and ventilation systems. Their products can be found in green construction and renovation projects across France.

The Challenge

To be able to generate the reports they needed, Femat was forced to run many manual reporting processes. “I would create static spreadsheets and then email them. It was a lot of back and forth between different departments in the company, and also with clients,” said Florian Brunet-Lecomte, President, describing Femat’s previous reporting process with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and later with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. “As a distributor we needed to create and adapt lots of reports and we were struggling.”

“The building materials market in France is 50 billion Euros a year and the part we operate in is worth about four billion Euros. I won’t say it’s a small market, but it’s a very specialized area, and we need to be able to communicate properly” said Brunet-Lecomte. “We were processing a lot of information but we were not able to use it to its fullest. We saw the need to have better access to information so that we could do our work more efficiently if we wanted our business to be successful. So, we decided to look for something new.”

Building to Success with Jet Analytics

At first, Femat turned to Jet Reports for help. “We automatically exported the data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and we scheduled the reports through Jet. I received the information every day and the team received it either every morning, or weekly on a Monday morning. It really helped eliminate our manual reporting processes, but we wanted to go further and have even better analysis capabilities.”

“We added Power BI and Jet Analytics in 2019 and it has made our operations a lot smoother,” said Brunet-Lecomte. “The combination of these products helps us analyze our data, eliminates most manual processes, and simplifies our ability to generate the reporting we need and ultimately enables us to visualize everything easily in Power BI.”

Since the implementation of Jet Analytics, Femat has been able to get more value out of their data by enabling more people in the company to engage with and use the data. “You need to really understand the KPIs your business has in place,” said Brunet-Lecomte. “Once you have visibility of your KPIs, then you need to be able to access the data behind the headline numbers. If your KPIs area static data, it is hard to do anything with them, and it is hard to understand what they are telling you. With Jet Analytics, we can really work with our KPIs to understand our business and to evolve them over time to ensure we are tracking the right numbers. Jet Analytics allows everyone in the company to really engage with what is happening and make improvements where we need them. This is the key to a successful business.”

Navigating Success

Femat has seen better data engagement as a result of implementing Jet Analytics, including:

  • Time savings from eliminating manual processes and static spreadsheets.
  • Stronger company interaction with data across departments.
  • Great report presentation quality.
  • Real-time reporting.

For Femat, the impact of Jet Reports and Jet Analytics has been profound. The company has transformed from one where data was somebody else’s job, to one where everyone uses data and KPI’s daily to drive performance and improve the business, and Jet Analytics has enabled the team to use Power BI to visualize their data in ways that were not possible with Power BI alone.

Jet Analytics allows everyone in the company to engage with the data that used to only be comprehensible by a financial controller.

Florian Brunet-Lecomte President

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