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Centralized Repository for All Financial Data—“One Version of Truth”

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The Client

Energir is a lot more than a gas distributor. Energy is at the heart of what we do. Energir is like combining “energize” and “pioneer,” or “engineer,” because for a while now, we’ve been turning words into action. We imagine energy differently.

In Québec, we produce electricity from wind and distribute traditional and renewable natural gas. In the United States, we produce and distribute electricity from hydraulic, wind, and solar sources; we also distribute natural gas there. Furthermore, we invest in innovative energy projects and promote energy efficiency.

Business Issues

  • Excel-based consolidation, budgeting, forecasting, and strategic planning
  • Labor-intensive data collection and report development process
  • Reporting errors on internal management and regulatory reports
  • Not enough time for data analysis

Longview Solution

  • Consolidation and Planning
Key Consolidation Processes:
  • Automated Data Import, Foreign Currency Translation, Cash Flow, Intercompany Eliminations, Statistical and KPI calculations, Proportionate Consolidation Calculation, Statistical and KPI information (input and calculated)
Key Planning Processes:
  • Longview used to consolidate (foreign exchange, intercompany eliminations, cash flow, etc.); Ability to store multiple scenarios for what-if analysis; Ability to keep versions of data from year to year; Ability to estimate data based on actuals; No driver-based modeling yet; Seeding from any other time period in the database; Actual to Forecast updates

Benefits and Impact

  • Improved data integrity and greater level of detail
  • Centralized repository for all financial data—“one version of truth”
  • More time for analysis vs manual processes
  • Improved Consolidation and Planning Process

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