Eintracht Frankfurt controls its finances with IDL


Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG has enhanced its Excel reporting with an IDL solution for planning, reporting and analysis. The finance department always has an overview of the latest key figures and can confidently balance opportunities and risks. Transparent information is likewise available with just one click for external recipients such as DFL, the German football association.

Business intelligence solution for planning, forecasting and reporting in professional football

  • Individual planning solution for the specific requirements of the sports club
  • Comprehensive integrated planning from operative detailed planning to financial planning and consolidated budgeted balance sheets
  • Report structure is consistent across the company and key figures come from a central data warehouse
  • Direct integration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV as a data source
  • Faster decentralized planning
  • Simplified creation of planning requirements thanks to planning functions such as splashing of ticket revenue and travel costs
  • Detailed analyses and plan/actual comparison per general ledger account and cost center with just one click
  • System-supported ticket planning and pricing with contribution margin accounting
  • Planning scenarios for participation in various leagues; simulation of costs and income in terms of liquidity and overall results
  • High planning quality due to automatic quality controls
  • Quick and easy implementation of planning changes
  • Automatic consolidated financial statements and reporting with IDL

                    Eintracht Frankfurt has its finances under control

                    As for all sports clubs, liquidity is also the key performance indicator in professional football. Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG has enhanced its Excel-based reporting with a professional business intelligence solution from IDL which supports efficient financial and liquidity planning and makes valid predictions. The company now has an overview of developments that concern the asset, financial and income situation at all times.

                    Having agile planning, current forecasts, planning scenarios and simulations available with just one click means that the finance team can quickly react appropriately to sports events that have a key influence on financial affairs. The finance department can use the system-supported planning with automatic process documentation and historical data function to provide transparent information to the auditor and the DFL at all times.

                    Software and Systems

                    • IDL Konsis
                    • IDL Forecast
                    • IDL Cockpit
                    • IDL Importer
                    • Microsoft SQL Server
                    • Previous system: Microsoft Dynamics NAV


                      • The company was founded in 2000 in the German form of a PLC (“Aktiengesellschaft”) to focus on profitable professional football
                      • It runs a professional football team that currently plays in the Bundesliga
                      • Business activity: Managing home games and associated ticket sales, exploiting its own rights and the fan merchandise business under the Eintracht Frankfurt brand
                      • Operating a football youth academy under the leadership of the parent company Eintracht Frankfurt e. V.
                      • In 2017, the total revenue (sales revenue and other operating income) generated by the company came to over 120 million euros.

                      With the IDL solution, we can create plans, forecasts and simulations very efficiently and with an extremely high level of detail.

                      Johannes Möglich
                      Division Manager for Finance, IT, Purchasing, Real Estate, Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG

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