IDL offers Commerz Real efficient and transparent management and risk reporting

Commerz Real

After IDL Konsis had been successfully introduced into the accounting systems, Commerz Real AG also decided to optimize its reporting with IDL.

A comprehensive controlling solution was developed on a step-by-step basis to combine the varied reporting requirements of the Commerzbank group within a single report environment.

A comprehensive controlling solution at the asset management company

  • Introduced in 2010, with subsequent further development
  • Consolidation and standardized risk reporting across heterogeneous service areas
  • Flexible evaluation system for ad-hoc analyses
  • Better transparency about drivers of risk
  • Improved data quality and control
  • Information density and up-to-date and detailed data
  • Improved transparency and efficiency

With managed assets of around 34 billion euros, Commerz Real AG — a wholly owned subsidiary of Commerzbank AG — is among the largest asset managers. The range of services of the tangible asset specialist covers sound and sustainable investment products and needs-bases financing solutions.

In mid-2010, IDL introduced improved controlling and reporting that was tightly honed in on the requirements of the Commerzbank parent company both in terms of content and design. In the phases of the project following this, risk controlling was implemented with a focus on 2012 risk reporting using IDL software.

Implementing the risk control sub-project achieved the aims of standardizing risk reporting, creating reports more efficiently and increasing transparency via the significant drivers of risk. The management and service divisions are now benefiting from these project results.

One implementation aim was standardized and efficient risk reporting aligned to the extremely heterogeneous service areas of Commerz Real AG. Additional aims included consolidating the risk data warehouse and setting up a flexible evaluation platform for ad-hoc analyses.

The first phase of the project started in June 2010 in the company controlling department with development and identification of the functions for the management report. After several test runs, a company controlling report was published for the first time in December 2010 as a starting point for line reporting with IDL software.

Since 2011, the reporting has been done on a monthly basis and the structure and contents are updated using yearly internal releases. Phase II of the project built on the risk controlling project, incorporating additional departments of Commerz Real. Risk Management, Group Finance and the Treasury are currently being integrated during the third phase.

Software and Systems

IDL Konsis, IDL Cockpit, IDL Importer, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Cognos TM1, data sources: SAP, Excel and CSV files, various internal systems (in-house developments)


  • Wholly owned subsidiary of Commerzbank
  • Asset management and tangible asset specialist with managed assets of 34 billion euros
  • Offices in Eschborn, Central Düsseldorf and Wiesbaden

With the software solution from IDL, we can flexibly react to new requirements from the regulatory environment.

Stefan Floth
Group Risk Controlling, Commerz Real AG

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