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Sr. NAV Analyst Empowers Users with Self-Service Reporting and Over 80% Time Savings

Jet Global Equips BPL Plasma with Self-Service Reporting from Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Jet Reports has made our users more productive and happier in their day to day. Anytime they need a report, they have the tool to do it themselves.

Val Gameiro Sr. NAV Analyst
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Non-technical users can build ad hoc reports and queries without a developer.

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Decreased Reporting Time by 80%

Reports that took over 3 hours with SSRS are now created in less than 30 minutes.

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Company was up and running in 34 locations across the U.S. in less than a day.


Not being able to create reports from Microsoft Dynamics NAV has always been a struggle for users at BPL Plasma, a life sciences company that collects and sells plasma.

Although most users were familiar and proficient with Excel, they lacked the necessary development skills in Dynamics NAV and were building cumbersome reports using exported data, which required copying, pasting, and then having to rebuild those reports any time they wanted an update or rendition.

Determined to make this process easier for his team, remove the bottleneck in IT, and cut down on development time, Sr. NAV Analyst, Val Gameiro, recommended Jet Reports, a fast, flexible reporting solution designed for Dynamics NAV that runs directly inside Excel.


It used to take a minimum of 3 days for a developer at BPL to produce a report using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), by the time changes and approvals had been made. By implementing Jet Reports, this process now only takes a few minutes.

A Jet Designer in the Accounting or Cost Analysis department can now create a report in minutes, and then send it to a Viewer who can refresh it on demand and change filters to meet their needs. By encouraging staff to create their own reports in Excel, a tool they are already familiar with, users are more productive than ever – including developers like Val.

“By making our staff self-sufficient, we’ve been able to free up a lot of our own time to focus on other critical development areas of the business,” explains Val. “I can make a report in SSRS but in Jet Reports it’s so much easier, and a huge time-saver.”

Val Gameiro is also the Dynamics NAV User Group (NAVUG) Chapter Leader in Austin and attends Jet Globals monthly training sessions to keep up-to-date. “I’ve always recommended Jet Reports in every job I’ve ever been. It’s fast to deploy and train and, most importantly, it empowers your users to create complex ad hoc reports on their own.”

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Company: BPL Plasma Inc. Country: North America Job Title: Sr. NAV Analyst Role: Finance
Industry: Biotechnology ERP System: Dynamics NAV Number of Jet Designers: 5