Accounting Manager Saves 3 Hours Per Report with Jet Analytics

Bernatello’s Pizza uses automated reporting to consolidate multiple data sources, eliminate manual reporting, and improve inventory visibility.

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Growing food manufacturer, Bernatello’s Pizza, struggled to pull timely, accurate data from multiple data sources. They had recently acquired a company that had been using manual export-and-paste processes to move data from Dynamics NAV into Excel and using PivotTable functionality for formatting. This workflow was very time-consuming and had to be repeated every month, on top of the other data sources the company was juggling. To help manage their complex data challenges, Bernatello’s Pizza put their trust in Jet Global to help guide them through the transition process of multi-company data consolidation and business intelligence.


Since the newly acquired company has been under the Bernatello’s Pizza umbrella, Accounting Manager, Kari Strandberg, has calculated a savings of 3 hours per report. Thanks to the simplicity of Jet Global products, the Bernatello’s Pizza team has been able to solve a difficult discounting problem that had left their team resorting to manual data entry. They now have a cube in Jet Analytics that combines sales data with general ledger data for accurate reporting on their true margins. In addition to the standard financial reporting, Bernatello’s Pizza is now using Jet Analytics for sales and advanced inventory reporting, to see inventory on hand and where it’s located. With the help of the Jet Global team, Bernatello’s Pizza has been able to successfully combine all 3 data sources and simplify their reporting processes for optimal business performance and employee efficiency.

“I work with a lot of companies for software technical support and Jet Global has the top service levels I’ve seen.”

“What has really helped our process is the ability to create and format reports to our specifications. We can easily change the date range and create a report in 2 minutes.”

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Kari Strandberg
Accounting Manager
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Multi-Company Consolidation

Jet helps combine 3 separate company data sources for accurate, real-time reporting

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Create a Report in 2 Minutes

Employees have the tools to easily create and format reports to meet their requirements

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Advanced Inventory Reporting

With the Jet Analytics’ inventory cube, the company has full visibility of inventory on hand